I love you guys! Lol What you doing @ricoaporia lol ha @ettabond @godricvf @sophiejoneslondon #LoveBox #Jokes

I love you guys! Lol What you doing @ricoaporia lol ha @ettabond @godricvf @sophiejoneslondon #LoveBox #Jokes


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If you was at my New years party then you know how DOPE it was! I’ve just joined forces with the team ‘OHs#!t’ Our first night is back on the 20th of June 😬💂holla me for GL 😏 #NewProject #JoiningForces #Events #HousePartyVibes #OldStreet #EastLondon #Trapeze #NotJustAOneTrickPony #CreatingVibes #CelebratingLife #CelebratingGoodMusic








the legend

This makes me so happy, and yet so sad.

He was smart, he was a writer (you could tell by his phrasing) and this is something he TRULY cares about. That boy has a heart and he cares. He sees the truth for what it is and he refuses to sit idly and watch as the youth of america just stumbles by.

BUT the teacher was done. She didn’t care. She was fed up.

BUT the students were uncaring, even laughing, as this young man walked out

BUT this video was put online to be deemed as a joke and embarrass that boy.

THAT is unexceptionable

THAT is not right.

If you are this young gentleman  if you are his relative, or if you have ever done something similar.

I am so proud of you

To take your opinion and share. NOT ONCE did he threaten her, NOT ONCE did he raise his voice above a proper projection so that the class could hear his words  NOT ONCE did he insult her in any means past how she was behaving with her job. He didn’t undermine her. He didn’t hurt her, and yet he gave his message and left in peace.

That makes him a true, undeniable, super hero in my eyes.

Thank you sir.

My mom, an elementary school teacher, clapped an applauded this boy when I showed this to her.

That boy is great

hot damn this kid knows where it’s at

I hope this kid doesn’t feel disheartened by the lack of support he received from his classmates. I hope he continues to stay strong in what he believes! His words truly spoke to me, so I felt the need to reblog and pass on this message.


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